Multipurpose Fabrics

The fabrics for furnishing and decorations in Jacquard and dobby are made in single and double-height, and represent a high quality product due to raw materials involved and to the expertise we build our fabrics on. Indeed also the “finishing processings” used reflect the best available in the Italian textile production.

. Much appreciated by our clientele, these creations are made for private residences as well as for luxury hotels.

The broad product offering is characterized by differences in design, technical structure and in content of the fibers employed. Our main production is related to:
- 100 % Trevira flame retardant fabrics
- Cotton, linen and blended fabrics for curtains, upholstery and home decoration
- Nylon and mixed materials for a higher abrasion resistance, particularly suitable for the sofa and chairs upholstery
- Certified organic cotton fabrics